Verification Redefined

The rapid development of the modern, digital economy is accompanied by increased reliance on the acquired skills of the labor force. The possibilities to attain new skills are now ubiquitous and in various formats to accommodate different needs. The demand for skills in the digital economy is so high that they are widely labeled as “the future of work”.

Thus the importance of a quick, inexpensive and reliable verification of the acquired skills. Unfortunately, the verification today is still heavily paper based, slow and expensive. This degrades the verification process to a “nice to have” category, often being completely neglected. The big number of high-profile cases of credentials fraud in the modern economy is the best illustration of a need for an alternative.

Blokverse and Netcetera have joined forces to change the status quo. We created with a mission to provide a secure, affordable and ubiquitous verification in all fields of the modern digital economy.

Built on top of a permissioned distributed ledger technology, Network provides the basis for the redefined verification. The governing body behind is the international Consortium, consisting of organizations and companies acting as the trust anchors for the decentralized network.

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