Your Gateway to Digitalization

The modern economy is rapidly changing due to the advancement of digital technologies. Embrace the digital transformation by issuing easily verifiable digital credentials and be a proud participant in the future of work.


Reduce expenses

Reduce manual efforts and operational expenses with a digital transformation of the documents you issue


Streamline and automate your pipeline for documents of any type (diploma, certificate, digital transcript, reference letter)

Increase loyalty

Increase the loyalty of your students by issuing digital documents that can be easily shared and verified

How FCSE switched to frictionless issuance of digital documents based on tamper resistant verification
Frictionless Issuance
Lifecycle Management
Handle current and future issuing requirements with ease with the Credentials Lifecycle Management capabilities (define, schedule, issue, revoke)
Legal Recognition
Use regulation compliant digital signature to ensure legal recognition and cross border interoperability
Use the preferred scenario for hosting and serving of personally identifiable information of your students to remain compliant with GDPR (and data protection laws)
Brand Awareness
Customize the look and feel of your issued documents using the Custom Templates support
Move away from the manual, costly and paper based verification process of your issued documents
Provide simple and affordable verification of your issued documents to interested parties
Improve your reputation by issuing digital documents notarized on tamper-resistant blockchain technology
Rely on technical solution based on emerging standards such as European Blockchain Services Infrastructure
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