Strengthen the Foundation of your Business

Establish the lifelong learning mindset within your organization. Acknowledge the gained skills and accomplishments of your employees and engage them as the real ambassadors of your brand.


Next Generation

Issue micro-credentials backed by trusted digital audit trails in a tamper-proof repository


Streamline and automate your pipeline for micro-credentials of any type

Increase loyalty

Increase the loyalty of your employees by recognizing their accomplishments

How Netcetera relies on the currency of the future of work for increased employee engagement
Culture Fit
Design and set up a microcredentials program that is tailor-made for your organization
Employee Engagement
Fully engage your employees as brand ambassadors by establishing a culture based on continuous progress and verifiable skills
Career Advancement
Establish career advancement of your employees based on their accomplishments
Knowledge Management
Maintain a list of verified skills across organization for better planning and execution
Enterprise Grade
Lifecycle Management
Put yourself in complete control (schedule, issue, revoke) of your credentials lifecycle
PII Data Handling
Use the preferred scenario for hosting and serving of personally identifiable information to remain compliant with GDPR
Brand Awareness
Utilize the white-label user interface to gain tailor-made look and feel suitable for your enterprise
Integrate into your existing infrastructure using the published or tailor-made REST API
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